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Women’s Health Study Group

Hello, everybody! Over the past months, I have been considering the idea of forming a women’s health circle. A number of women I have talked to have become interested the idea as well, so it must be time. Please join us in discussing topics about women’s health. I will present an herbal perspective, with a pinch of nutrition, biology, and lifestyle/philosophy to keep things interesting. Bring any of your favorite books, but most importantly your unique knowledge and perspective.

The study groups will be held every 4th Sunday, at 2 pm. The first one is Sunday March 22ed at 630 N 27th Ave W. Duluth, MN, and the topic will be the dysmennorhia (menstrual cramps). Soon I will expand on these topics and add a page for the study group on this site. I am so excited for this to start; I hope  you will join us! Please, please, send any ideas for study groups, and also any suggestions for dates and times.

Sun, March 22ed – Dysmennorhia

Sun, April 19th – PMS

Sun, May 17th – Horomones

Sun, June 14th – Nutrients  and Nutrition

green ladies Laurel and Stephanie

green ladies Laurel and Stephanie

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