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What is a Healer?

There are as many varieties of healers as there are areas of life. One can heal relationships, finances, bodies, the earth, broken social structures, or attitudes that on longer serve. No matter what realm of healing they are engaged in, a healer applies their art with detached compassion and deep respect. In the same manner, a healer is still a healer even if removed from their healing practice; it follows them into other areas of life.

The healer’s art manifests through a unique combination of inherent ability, earned and practiced skill, and self-esteem. It is essential for the healer to seek out teachers, formal training, and a have a supportive community in preparation to practice their healing art. In this way being schooled plays a role in the healer’s own personal development, especially as one excavates out and identifies that which creates illness.

Being healthy and harmonious has been twisted into meaning “being 100% flawless” and “always being good” about your body, diet and lifestyle. Healers know that turning health into a battle of good and evil is futile because sometimes illness is an important part of personal and spiritual development. Why should illness be treated different than any other life experience that we learn so much from? In fact, some of the most profound healings occur when we practice genuine acceptance of the fact that we are indeed ill.

Thus, a healer is a facilitator of the healing process and while they certainly promote health and harmony, they are not responsible for the healing, nature is. Throughout the healing process, a healer can help keep things in perspective and respond to the evolving needs of the client or situation. They understand that healing is truly a lifestyle, and that everyday is a chance to renew the body and mind. People are drawn to healers because they feel better afterwards. Perhaps this is because a healer understands that words and thoughts are vessels so they choose them wisely, staying optimistic while never making promises they cannot keep about another’s healing process.

In essence, healers are effective because they raise the level of health and promote fluid adaptability and harmony within a system. To do this they can inspire something wonderful to come out of hiding thus spreading healing, and/or they can make a something harmful decrease or be neutralized. There is no exact formula for this; sometimes they work together, other times one is used much more than the other. For example, one can relinquish a harmful pattern by encouraging an uplifting part to animate rather than simply acting to fight a negative health pattern.

A healer has the stamina to hold her- or himself together in the face of other’s disregarding their art, by honoring their art enough not to let their egos become upheld by it. They understand that by physically and energetically engaging with a substance, philosophy or practice, it becomes activated and then can be used to assist another person.

Excellent communication skills, being personable and professional combined with the true desire to assist others along their healing path prompt people to seek out healers. Through focus, a healer develops a sense of the client’s needs well beyond their own ability to communicate that what they cannot see for themselves.

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