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Sneak Peak: New Products for the Shop



New products soon to be in the shop!

I am really excited to add a new herbal face care line. I have been using my own face toner, steam and oil serum for years now, so it feels good to finally perfect my formulas (for the time being, at least) and offer them in the shop.

Another addition will be a nourishing hair oil, with jojoba oil. I love jojoba oil, it is so luxurious and is notably a little different from other oils as it seems to lock in moisture and balance oil production with long term use. At first I was concerned it would build up on the hair, but I haven’t found this to be the case at all. From my experience, it seems that waxes tend to build up, not oils.

I also have a Cedarwood and Fir deodorizing body spray. Even though the scent is on the masculine side, I find myself wearing it almost daily. I just can’t get enough of that cedar scent.



I keep attempting to take photos of these for my shop, but they don’t turn out quite right. The light in Portland during the winter is so it or miss.

Years ago when I started making herbal products, I never would’ve guessed that so much of my energy would be spent learning and practicing photography. I am so appreciative for this part of my business, and how much enjoyment it has brought me in an completely unexpected way.






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