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Plant ID – Who are these?

I have two plants I cannot identify. I have looked online, to no avail. The lily-ish one looks very familiar, I know it is in a field guide (but I have packed all of my field guides, so I am flying blind here). Anyone know?

I love this purple one. It was a vine of some sort, growing close to the ground at one spot and up a shrub in another.

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  1. The white is def trout lily with the spotted leaves and the purple vine looks like a clematis.

  2. The first one I don’t recognize but the vine is purple virgin’s bower, also known as wild clematis (Clematis verticillaris). Consider yourself lucky to have seen it: the bloom period is really short, and individual flowers only last a few days.

  3. Kristin says

    I’m not sure how I got here…..a link from a link….you know how it is. I noticed your name is Celia Linneman and wanted to say that my grandmother (and one of her’s) and daughter are named Celia. My sister is Linne and many in my family use the name in the middle. I had never heard of “Linneman” as a sir name…..of course, you are in U.S. Scandanavian country. Enjoy your herbs and blessings to you!

    Kristin (in Tennessee)

  4. That’s a Trout Lily up there, I believe, Erythronium americanum, in the latter stages of its flowering. And then, yes, Clematis…

  5. celia says

    Thanks for your help! I totally thought it was trout lily, but was thrown off by the color. When I was a kid I saw yellowish orange ones.

    Kristen, Linnemann is my married name. My husband’s family is German, and it apparently used to be “Lune-mann” for “Moon-man”, but they changed it after arriving to the US.

    Sonya, I took this picture up on the Superior Hiking Trail above Skyline. Have you seen it anywhere else in Duluth?

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