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Keeping Busy and Shots From the Herb Nook

I am almost done with school; 3 weeks until graduation. My heart is bursting with joy. As the end nears, I find myself needing some reflection, processing, integrating and closure at my experience, so please forgive this semi-gushy personal post.

The closer graduation, the more excited I am about the herbal and health-related inspirations floating around my psyche. But alas, I remain patient and wait in trust that when the time is right to revive blogging, I will be able to do just that. Until then, I have plug away preparing for some closing events in the next couple of weeks:

  1. The Chinese Herbal Board exam. Nervousness and hopefulness all around.
  2. The completion and presentation of my grad school capstone research project entitled “Maintaining Internal Defense: Intestinal Permeability and East Asian Medicine”. It’s about leaky gut syndrome, which is incredibly interesting. Lot’s of herbal goodies to share with this one (St. John’s Wort, anyone?).

Photography and flowers are my stress-relievers this summer, so I’d thought I’d share a couple of photos with you all. The above is a typical scene in the herb nook, packing orders, filling bottles, taking stock. A nice creative and productive mess, always in a state of flux and evolution of changing smells and tastes.

Below are a few of my plants and a chart of the Inner Classic. I love looking at the chart when I am working on herb stuff, contemplating the philosophy and elegance of Chinese medicine theory. Chinese medicine sees the body as a mirror of the cosmological and ecological world around us. As above, so below. As in the heavens and earth, so in our body and spirit.

Even though this medicine is old compared to modern Western medicine, it’s message is cutting edge and more necessary than ever. The further away humanity drifts from nature, the further we drift from maintaining harmony and health in our bodies. When nature is living in harmony with itself, it thrives teeming with life of all sorts.


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