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In the Herb Nook


Every time I go to work in my herb nook, I practically burst with appreciation. This is where I get to work?! Surrounded by herbs and oils and tins and bottles, things that I love playing with? Creating this little herb studio in my teeny tiny kitchen has been one of the best things I have ever done. It’s like a working in an alter.

Do any of you have an herbal nook of your own?

A space dedicated to storing and creating with herbs, whether it be a shelf in a cupboard or a room in a house?

I’d love to hear about it!



Some exciting changes have happened in the herb nook. It started when I found a new larger shelf on which to keep my herbs, which prompted me to buy a bunch of gallon and half-gallon glass jars to store them in.

Maybe that doesn’t sound exceedingly exciting, but to me it is!

More space means more herbs in jars, rather than herbs in bags stored in bins. Storing herbs in jars exponentially increases my ease of filling and creating formulas, because I simply have to look and grab a jar, instead of taking out bins and digging in them for minuets at a time. It is lovely to see the color and texture of the herbs, and to visually weigh my options and respond to the herbs that call, pick me! pick me!

I am storing my tinctures more prominently, too.  I love having them featured as collections, and I especially like the Cascadia Folk Medicines lined up ready for dropping their luscious, rich flavor on my tongue whenever the inspiration calls.


Little bits of recently harvested herbs line plates and bowls. I let them fully dry here before transferring them to their own jar. I love seeing the bright purple of clover and smelling the sweet, fresh aroma of the chamomile growing out my front door.





  1. Oh Celia, I too feel blessed everyday to start my days in my herbal nook too! Like you, a tiny kitchenette, with my shelves completely filled with herbs. The thought of not being able to smell, see and taste the herbs before formulating feels completely at odds with what it means to be a herbalist. Aren’t we a lucky bunch? Thank you for a window into your world. You’ve inspired me, I should do a post on this too! Clara xx

  2. Clara, I would love to see a post about your herb-lined kitchenette! And you are so right – we need to have sensory access to our herbs, it’s in our job description 😉 Thanks for reading. Here’s to many more jars of herbs.

  3. I love seeing your herbal nook, dearest!

    I too have one, and I can never seem to buy enough cute organisers at the Japanese discount store to tame my very very unruly, constantly expanding healthtrust. I’m 48.6% Asian by descent, which means I’m 48.6% OCD when it comes to labels and clearly keeping important items accessible. I have both a P-Touch and Zink labeler to create legible content markings, so no one in my household is left wondering what crazy powder I have compounded. Mmmm. The joy of creation.

    Ineffably yours,

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