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Herbal Miscellany from Europe

A collection of Berlin Botanical Garden’s marker tags from the past 100 years.

“A folio from a translation of Dioscuride’s work on Medical Herbs. Three seated men intensely discuss the question of how the quick use of medication can accelerate the healing process.” 1224, showcase in Islamic art, Berlin History Museum.

Over a hundred varieties of herbal tea on display at large department store in Berlin. In the foreground is a Chocolate Tea, yum…

Three super cute kids DVD’s in a gift shop: “Blossom Zoo”, “Blossom Apothecary” and “Blossom Games”.

Plant man and woman.

This large book was a handwritten log of botanical research and knowledge, until the Berlin Botanical Garden was fire-bombed in WWII. Years of information and thousands of rare, old and endangered plants were destroyed. Yet another reason why war sucks.

“Discover the mystery of nature in through the fertilization of flowers”. A plaque in honor of pollinators.

Plants organized by families (or order, it’s been a long time since Biology). It’s a little dated, yet still interesting. Karlsruhe University, Germany.

A display of old Danish “Good and Effective” pharmaceuticals, including glycerin, bronchial tincture and good old turpentine.

A vintage jar of a sort of pine-cone (Tannen-zaphel) used for medicine.

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