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Cleavers out there in the herb blogs

I have cleavers on the brain. They are growing tall and thick this time of year in the city and in the woods and meadows. I’d like to share a few links about this awesome and prevalent herb I found out there on the interwebs.

Myrobalan Clinic talks about harvesting cleavers and has some nice pictures of cleavers growing in the hedge rows.

“Tastes like Easter!” Penny Scout: Tracker of Plants touts the deliciousness of cold-infused cleavers and nicely summarizes herbalists’ description of the use of cleaver.

Backyard Patch Herbal Blog gives a lot of background info about cleavers and a few recipes/preparations, including an enticing cleaver face wash. Got to try it!

A lovely personal account of the discovery of cleavers, found on Tales of a Kitchen Herbwife.

Whispering Earth discusses the elemental nature of cleavers as a harbinger of spring. I particularly enjoyed these words of wisdom from Lucinda:

Cleavers is all about getting things moving and flowing again. I see it as an initiator and indeed it is meant to be auspicious to drink it before a journey. It doesn’t force change, just gently encourages the body to wake and clear itself, helping to remove excess fluids through its diuretic action.

The Verbal Herbal says (and I concur!):

Cleavers is often found growing next to chickweed. This is nature’s way of telling us they should be used together because these two herbs complement each other in formulas.

Looking for a yummy way to use all those cleavers? Wild Concoctions has a recipe for Cleaver Lemonade which I have to try. I love that cleavers can be “juiced” in a blender (since I don’t have a juicier). This has inspired me to make a cup or two of my own!



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