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Camus River, Washington

It was a partly-cloudy, windy and warm Thursday. Off to the river with my school friends. We went to a place I have never been, the Camus river in Washington. Our towels were spread on the rocky shore, nestled between poplars and willows. The water was too cold to swim, even for me, the one from Lake Superior, so we chatted and explored while listening to the river flow and the poplars quake.

The wispy horsetails were highlighted by the washed-up beach hues.

These sweet little insects were camera shy; ever time I tried to shoot them they scattered under the leaves. Are they baby grasshoppers?

Trefoil was popping up on the banks, basking in the sun. I was surprised to learn that it’s botanical name is Lotus corniculatus. Lotus? Really?! Wikipedia states that“Lotus is a genus of legume and its members are adapted to a wide range of habitats, from coastal environments to high altitudes”. This genus includes trefoils and some vetches.

I am still searching for the name of this wind-swept, wild-looking aster. Botany gurus, any hints?

Wild rose!!!! That’s how I feel when I see wild roses. I can’t help but exclaim. Luckily, I get to see them a lot, for many months through the year. The black beetle provided great contrast to the pearly-pink petals.

I never really looked at the center of the rose so closely before. That buttery yellow pistil is a mesmerizing, as are the stamens.


Ombre red to pink to green.

The river, the trees, the rocks.

A yellow mimulus. The green sepals and leaves caught my attention as much as the flowers.

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