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April around the bend

Two important changes are in store for April 1st for me. It is the beginning of Spring term for my grad program. Winter term is always the most difficult one of the year, so to start Spring term means I made it through the hard part… here’s to a new start and forward motion.

This upcoming term has a lot in store. I am going to take my first board exams, for one. Luckily I have a mini vacation lined up in May to look forward to. I will be going to the Black Mountains in North Carolina for a botanical medicine conference. Learning and traveling, can’t get much better than that.

April 1st is also the day I am putting my Etsy shop in vacation mode for the entire month.  Yes, whole month of  experiential herbal exploration my own accord. Besides a slew of regular business-related activities (mostly making back stock and taking product photos) I envision new, simpler and more eclectic formulations of teas incorporating what I have been studying in regards to the natures and flavors of herbs in Chinese Herbalism. There are more than a few local herbs that I have yet to connect with, too.

It is time to go deeper, to not just establish but solidify.

I don’t know what that will look like, but the journey is enticing.

Another amazing thing going in in April is …The Love Project. Here’s a description:

We are back again for another month of LOVE!

Due to popular demand, we are thrilled to be offering The Love Project again!! Join us this April as we ease into a month (and beyond) of love on all levels – personal, communal, societal and global.

The Love Project (TLP) is a unique collaboration that merges coaching wisdom with herbal medicine. TLP caters to all the senses, bringing love-drenched goodness to both your doorstep and your email inbox; your head and your heart.

Join us for creative coaching exercises, prompts and reflections; hand-crafted herbal treats & teas; original multimedia visual treasures — and a month of all things LOVE! Engage in self-reflection and action steps designed to inspire clarity around love in your life (however you define it).

This is an on-line and snail-mail experience — so you can participate from the comfort of your own home!!

Registration is here. Man, I wish I didn’t have boards to study for, otherwise I’d be all over this. It makes me happy just to know that this is going on.



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