celia-camera-reflectionWhy Dandelion Revolution?

Dandelion Revolution describes both the enduring and tenacious nature of the dandelion as well as the potential for our culture to turn around, or revolve, our view of health and well-being. Sociopolitical, economic and intellectual paradigms will shift as more and more people start to use the healing potential that lies in their own backyards and reclaim the inherent knowledge about healing plants humans and other animals have understood since our beginnings.

People are rediscovering plant medicine and other health-maintaining practices in different manners. No matter how different our personal experiences and philosophies may be, many of us are being lead us to seek action to change how we care for ourselves.

Why Use Herbs?

Herbal medicine is not simply a natural version of pharmaceuticals. We can use herbs the same way we use a healthful diet, to nourish us, give us energy, keep us strong and vital, as well as assist our body in healing from symptoms and to help us relax our minds and bodies.

Let’s remember the root of botanical medicine is, of course, the plants. Within their stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and roots are held chemicals and energies that help them adapt to their environments, defend against disease and predators, and allow them to gracefully flower and spread in every nook, cranny and ecosystem of the planet. Humans (like other animals), through our senses have and will continue to graciously borrow the healing and nourishing life force of plants as food and medicine.

About Me

My name is Celia and I am a board-certified herbalist, licensed acupuncturist and birth doula.

What can I say; I love all things herbal! Since I was a little kid I have adored plants and been interested in the body and how it works.

My first dabbles in herbal medicine was playing medicine woman in the woods by my house as a child. I would draw maps of the plants I found there and what they could be used for. I distinctly remember a patch of tiger lilies making bandages for my friends pretend broken bones.

I have been studying herbalism since 2002. At that time I lost my health insurance and was led to try other ways to maintain health. Since then I have worked at acupuncturist-owned herb shops in my home towns of Taylors Falls, MN/St. Croix Falls, WI, enjoyed an internship at Sage Mountain, an herbal retreat and botanical sanctuary in Vermont in 2007 and attended many botanical medicine conferences.

In 2008, I started to lead study groups, herb walks and classes and make herbal products for my community in Northern Minnesota. You can check out Kyra Botanica, my line of herbal teas and body care products on Etsy. (*Update: I’m still on maternity leave from Etsy as of June 2015)

In addition to loving plants, I also appreciate working with the body and am incredibly pleased to add acupuncture and Shiatsu to my tool box. I graduated from Chinese medicine school in 2013 and practice East Asian medicine along with Western herbalism in Southeast Portland.


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