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Medicine Making Mondays – Medicinal Tea Infusions

Learning about herbalism is great and all, but what use it is if you don’t know how to prepare herbs into easy-to-use medicine?! In attempt to make herbalism more accessible, Dandelion Revolution is featuring Medicine Making Mondays, to highlight the plethora of ways to engage with making medicine. Let us start with good old fashioned tea. Herbal teas are my *favorite* ways to use herbs. Drinking teas can tell us about the actions and healing nature of herbs because a tea directly engages our senses. With teas you get to see the color, enjoy the aroma, and taste the flavor of the herbs, whether used individually as simples or combined in formula.  There are a few different ways to prepare herbal medicine into teas; namely: Infusion – Steeping herbs in boiled water. Often used for leaves, flowers, stems, soft seeds or fruits (calendula blossoms, oat straw, fennel seeds, rose hips, linden flowers and bracts, ect…) Decoction – Simmering herbs in water for any length of time. Used for some seeds and fruits, barks and roots …