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Plant ID – Who are these?

I have two plants I cannot identify. I have looked online, to no avail. The lily-ish one looks very familiar, I know it is in a field guide (but I have packed all of my field guides, so I am flying blind here). Anyone know? I love this purple one. It was a vine of some sort, growing close to the ground at one spot and up a shrub in another.


As I was walking on a stretch of the Superior hiking trail, I marveled at the sight of an abandoned basketball court being “eaten alive” by plants. Plants, whether they be vines, trees, shrubs or herbaceous, are incredible restorers of their environments. Slowly yet surely, their roots reach deep and bring minerals and nutrients to the surface, their leaves create shade and increase moisture where bacteria and fungi (the ultimate detrovoires) can live, and their growing stems and bodies breaks down man-made surfaces. I suppose that is what they do in our body, too. Over time, plants work to restore the original environment, to promote balance and harmony when presented with roadblocks of dis-ease. For some amazing photos, view sweet juniper’s work on feral houses. Talk about bio-remediation!

Herb Album: St. Joseph, MN

Sure, the calender says it is spring, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Spring must want to be fashionably late this year. True, there are a few things growing (catnip, motherwort, elecampane), and about 30% of the trees have started to think about budding (sweet little pussy willows). Perhaps the robins came back from their winter retreats last week, and there is more hours of daylight (hallelujah!), but it doesn’t really seem like spring. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to complain about the weather, but I am just simply anxious for things to start growing again! Not to mention that freezing temps and snow of this weekend. I kind of feel the same way; kind of in-and-out about what is waking up and growing, what is about to wake up and grow, and what has yet to wake up. Spring embodies all of these phases but does so with patience and in accordance with environmental cues. There is a bit of drama and teasing going on too, as if spring just …