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Medicine Making – Lunar Infusions

If solar infusions utilize flavor to accentuate medicinal qualities, then lunar infusions (or moon teas) add an element of ritual and levitra in india'>levitra in india seasonality. Ritual can take place in many ways, but in all cases, ritual involves conscious intention. Lunar infusions naturally add an element of dreaming, introspection, quietness to the levitra pfizer online tea. Lunar infusions are definitely more yin and receptive, and the qualities can be influenced by the phase of the moon, too. I can’t say the words “lunar” and “herbs” in the same sentance and not think of the Artemisias! Mugwort, wormwood, sweet Annie, tarragon, sagebrush, southernwood… those silver-y, upward pointing trident-like leaves seem very moon-like. Not to mention the whole being named after Artemis thing. That calls for another post down the good choice generic viagra road! My favorite early summer moon tea for dreaming is quite simple: a few mugwort leaves a few violet leaves and flowers a sprig of California poppy Find a still spot out of only for you buy viagra generic doors to steep your tea. Set your intention. Add the herbs to a glass jar after sundown, fill with water. …