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Mullein, Cedar and Tangerine Peel: Simple Tea for the Lungs

  Sometimes simple is good A few months ago, I experienced a lingering cough after an case of influenza. When it was a stronger, more irritating cough, I treated it aggressively with Planetary Formulas’ Old Indian Wild Cherry Syrup (plus other things). It’s strong stuff, but when I have had bronchial infections it has historically helped so much that I go straight to it. After the worst of the cough was gone, I reached for a tea of three simple herbs which are easy to harvest and created a tea general tea for the lungs that’s quite delicious. Three Herb Tea for Promoting General Lung Function Mullein – Verbascum thapsus. Red Cedar –Thuja plicata. Dried Tangerine Peel – Citrus tangerina. 

Medicine Making Mondays – Cold Infusions

Oh, the many ways to make tea! Cold infusions are steeping plant matter in non-boiled water. The water need not be cold in temperature to make a cold infusion, it can be anywhere from lukewarm from the tap to icy cold spring water. Directions for making a cold infusion: To make 2 cups, put 3 heaping tablespoons of dried herb to a large tea strainer/infuser or muslin pouch. Add water to a pint jar, then suspend the herb in the pouch or infuser in the water. Let sit overnight. squeeze or press the marc (the herb in the infuser or bag) into the tea to strain. Drink and enjoy! Why do we make cold infusions, you may wonder. If hot water aids in extracting the medicinal qualities from herbs, then wouldn’t steeping herbs in cold or room temperature water hinder the extraction of important chemical constituents? Not necessarily. Richo Cech explains; “Some herbs, like marshmallow and blessed thistle, lend their active principles better to cold water than to hot. This is usually due to the …