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What is a Healer?

There are as many varieties of healers as there are areas of life. One can heal relationships, finances, bodies, the earth, broken social structures, or attitudes that on longer serve. No matter what realm of healing they are engaged in, a healer applies their art with detached compassion and deep respect. In the same manner, a healer is still a healer even if removed from their healing practice; it follows them into other areas of life. The healer’s art manifests through a unique combination of inherent ability, earned and practiced skill, and self-esteem. It is essential for the healer to seek out teachers, formal training, and a have a supportive community in preparation to practice their healing art. In this way being schooled plays a role in the healer’s own personal development, especially as one excavates out and identifies that which creates illness. Being healthy and harmonious has been twisted into meaning “being 100% flawless” and “always being good” about your body, diet and lifestyle. Healers know that turning health into a battle of good …