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Dream Messages from the Body

How many times have you had a dream that was related to¬† your health? Sometimes the dream images are literal; other times they are far-fetched but make clear sense in hindsight. Our intuitive guidance system regularly uses dreams to helps us deal with issues of our mundane, emotional and spiritual lives, but they also can help us with healing our bodies. After all, our bodies and mind/emotions can hardly be separated. Prodromal dreams are dreams that predict illness, whether it be a specific illness (thyroid problems, cancer, ulcers) or general areas where we are experiencing pain, discomfort, or are vulnerable to becoming sick. My whole mouth was sore and tender. I touched my cheek and went over to the mirror, where I saw a miniature conifer tree growing out from the root of one of my teeth. What would you guess the meaning to be? Luckily it wasn’t a root canal waiting to be had. I had a sunflower seed shard wedged under my gums, causing some tenderness and pain. The examples go on and …