Where’s the Iron?

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Ruth Trickey’s Woman, Hormones and wow)) cheap cialis without prescription the Menstrual Cycle is one of my favorite books. I am always reading this book in hopes that eventually it will all sink in! What drew me to it currently is the sneaking suspicion that I am iron-deficient. For many months, I have been experiencing bouts of dizziness, tiredness, and my legs sometimes become very tired after just a little exertion. Once I asked myself, “am I experiencing anemia?” I have had regular dreams in which I am hemorrhaging blood in someway or another.¬† Last year I had a blood test in which I had 11 grams/dL, while the normal range is 12 – 16 grams/dL for women, after which I made efforts to increase my iron intake…but I feel my efforts were not sufficient.

Why would someone be low on iron? Take a look at the graph on this page for risk factors.

“Iron requirements for women are around 80 per cent higher than for men because of menstruation and child-bearing. It is estimated that iron deficiency is follow link buying generic cialis the commonest nutritional disease worldwide and that half of all woman consume less than the recommended amount of 10 – 15 mg daily” (249).”

How do you know if you are iron deficient or anemic? A blood test like I had can be helpful. However, one can be deficient even if the we use it canadian viagra hemoglobin (blood levels of buy canadian levitra online'>buy canadian levitra online iron) are fine. Besides the red blood cells, iron is also found in the liver, marrow, spleen, muscles and can be deficient in these areas  while hemoglobin is normal.

When the blood cells are lacking iron during anemia, the red blood has an impaired ability to carry oxygen around the body, and the following symptoms may be present

  • shortness of breath
  • limb fatigue
  • dizziness
  • poor stamina (249)

Iron deficiency has these symptoms:

  • sore tongue, and cracks in the corner of the mouth
  • concave fingernails
  • low resistance to infection
  • in children, low resistance to infection and failure to thrive, slow learning, poor appetite
  • poor digestion due to low levels of gastric acid (249)

To increase available iron, one must increase iron absorption and increase iron intake. Food labels are misleading because rather than give the milligrams of iron present, the label gives the just try! discount generic viagra online percentage. As we read above, women need 80% more iron than men. Does the label reflect the percentage for men, for women, or for an average? Iron should be given in milligrams, like the way protein is given in grams, and not in a percentage. By the way, many online sources recommend not 10 – 15, but 18 milligrams of iron a day.

To increase iron absorption, it seems that stimulating gastric acid production is the way to suboceana.com go. Think foods high in vitamin C, sour lemon juice, vinegar, bitter fruits and vegetables, aperitifs and http://www.supersegway.com/canada-cialis-prescription Swedish bitters. Consume these foods while or right after eating iron-rich foods. The same applies to taking an iron supplement; pair it with a vitamin C supplement. My herbal “supplements” include a daily iron tonic taken at the the same time as I take elderberry and rose hip syrup.

Here’s another reason to quit the stimulant cycle; to increase absorption also means to decrease (or flat out avoid) black tea and coffee.

“The tannin in tea binds with iron, making it difficult to absorb. Coffee also reduces absorption, especially if taken with or after a meal, but not taken more than one hour before eating (250).

I have to wonder if soda, diet or regular, also decreases absorption.

As I searched the web for charts on sources of iron, it became obvious that there is a lack of straight forward information on it's cool order viagra online iron content. Many sites simply state, “iron is in meat, shellfish, whole grains”. Other sites are completely dedicated to “non-meat forms of iron”, and while they have some sort of http://www.ardinova.com/levitra-buying graph of what foods are high in iron, they don’t have the milligrams per serving. Then there are the click now real viagra without a prescription sites, often from the medical community, that have just short list of popular foods.

This is a good reference site. as it has lots of research based info, and is viagra cheap'>viagra cheap more scientific than journalistic.

When searching for quality information about herbs, nutrition or the like, I look for sites that are advertisement-free, are not the first hits or even on the first pages of hits, have scientific wording, and appear like they made an effort to levitra discount prices'>levitra discount prices not be biased or trendy. Unfortunately, to be one of the top hits on google a website has usually invested a lot of money to get there, with the interest of we choice discount viagra perscription drug making more money. Luckily, Rob, my husband, is a web programmer and knows all about this which has changed my perception about internet searching. There is a cultural myth that”if it is the first search result, it is valid and good”.

Make your Own Elderberry Syrup

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elder_syrup.jpg Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) was one of the reasons I discovered herbalism. As a 19 year old pre-med student, I searched the universities Pub Med database in search for the best proven medication for the awful cold I was having. The doctors were sure it was either strep throat and mono, but both tests came back negative. So I searched for some magic cough syrup, or antibiotic from heaven, but every study that came up said that over-the-counter cough syrups were actually ineffective. I noticed page after page of wow it's great levitra dosage studies in German that had Holunderbeere (German for elderberry) in the title. I refined my search and found out that Elderberry was an effective treatment for the flu and other winter ailments. I was still skeptical, but the seeds had been planted.

As if we needed any more reasons to drink our elderberry syrup, Matthew Wood adds that “[the berries] have a property not found in the other parts of the plant; they are used as a tonic to the buying viagra build up the blood and combat anemia. For this purpose they may be combined with blackberries” (434). Dark berries = yum. Cancer-fighting anthocyanins, anybody?

I first saw elder’s creamy white flowers on the slopes of the Blue Mountains in North Carolina, and didn’t see it again until I was at Sage Mountain in Vermont. The last time I saw it was last June in southern Minnesota, on the sides of bluffs and hills outside Winona. Is that just a coincidence that all the places I have seen the black elder growing were either mountains or hillsides? Although I have seen elder growing in Northern Minnesota, it is not the right kind to harvest (it may be red elder). Typical of the elder of fairy tales and folk lore, whenever I find an elder tree in the woods up here, I can never find it again! For you Duluthians, there are a few in Hartley park, in the deer-proofed area.

I have come across many elderberry syrup recipes over the years. This recipe from Rosemary Gladstar is the one I like the most because 1) it is alcohol free, 2) it can be made with fresh or dried berries, and 3) storing it in the refrigerator reminds me to use it was a food and medicine. It is seriously delicious with baked garnet yams, waffles, or mixed with mineral water.

  • 1 cup fresh or 1/2 cup dried elderberries
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 cup honey

1. Heat the berries and water to a boil, then reduce to simmer for 30-45 minuets.

2. Mash the berries, strain, and add 1 cup of honey. I add a half cup of the purple liquid to http://www.uyoug.org.uy/best-way-to-use-levitra a measuring cup, then pour in honey until the levitra order'>levitra order total volume is 1 1/2 cups. Then stir to mix well, and add to the rest of the reserved liquid.

3. Bottle and store, refrigerated. for 2-3 months.

4. Enjoy a tablespoon daily to keep the immune system strong, use more often when afflicted with the flu.



Refereance: Gladstar, Rosemary. The Family Herbal.

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