Why Dandelion Revolution?

Dandelion Revolution describes both the enduring and overnight viagra tenacious nature of the dandelion as well as the potential for our culture to turn around, or revolve, our view of health and well-being. Sociopolitical, economic and intellectual paradigms will shift as more and more people start to use the www.folklorsrbija.org healing potential that lies in their own backyards and reclaim the inherent knowledge about healing plants humans and other animals have understood since our beginnings.

People are rediscovering plant medicine and other health-maintaining practices in different manners. No matter how different our personal experiences and levitra info philosophies may be, many of us are being lead us to seek action to change how we care for ourselves.

Why Use Herbs?

Herbal medicine is not simply a natural version of pharmaceuticals. We can use herbs the same way we use a healthful diet, to nourish us, give us energy, keep us strong and vital, as well as assist our body in healing from symptoms and to juliemoon.ca help us relax our minds and bodies.

Let’s remember the root of brand name levitra botanical medicine is, of course, the plants. Within their stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and roots are held chemicals and energies that help them adapt to their environments, defend against disease and predators, and allow them to gracefully flower and www.saloninternacionalfranquicia.com spread in every nook, cranny and ecosystem of the planet. Humans (like other animals), through our senses have and will continue to graciously borrow the healing and nourishing life force of plants as food and medicine.

About Me

My name is Celia and I have been studying herbalism since 2002. At that time I lost my health insurance and was led to try other ways to maintain health. Since then I have worked at acupuncturist-owned herb shops in my home towns of Taylors Falls, MN/St. Croix Falls, WI, enjoyed an internship at Sage Mountain, an herbal retreat and wow look it levitra low price botanical sanctuary in Vermont in 2007 and attended many botanical medicine conferences.

In 2008, I started to lead study groups, herb walks and classes and make herbal products for my community in Northern Minnesota.

In addition to strategicins.ca loving plants, I also appreciate working with the body and am incredibly pleased to add acupuncture to my tool box. I graduated from Chinese medicine school in 2013 and practice East Asian medicine along with Western herbalism in Northeast Portland.

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  • Eric says:

    Hi Dandelion Revolution, (love the name!)

    My name is Eric Hollander and I am an Acupuncturist in San Diego. I’ve been reading your site and I really like it. I was wondering if it would be possible that you could add my site to the click here buy discount cialis online blogroll section of your site?

    I would like to add your site to my blogroll so that my readers can find your site as well. What would you like the anchor text to say?

    Here is my link, if your interested:

    San Diego Acupuncture

    Let me know what you would like your link to cialis online 50mgs'>cialis online 50mgs say.

    Thanks so much and keep up the good work,

    Eric Hollander
    Hollander Acupuncture

  • tammy says:

    This blog flew into my day like a fresh breeze! I am a student of herbalism and http://www.etfersaso.org/cost-of-levitra your blog seems like a really cool way of writing out ideas and inquiries… and meeting other herbalists.

    I also love the concepts of levitra tablets for sale'>levitra tablets for sale a CSH, the study group and the CSH share!!! I love it because these groups keep herbalism down to earth, accessible, or as you say, “innately available.” I wonder if something similar could start up where I am living. hmmm…

  • Jenn Jett Elton says:

    Hello! I am also a student of herbal medicine, in addition to being a nurse that works with underserved, impoverished populations with little access to health care.
    I just stumbled onto your blog via the directions for a cold infusion.
    I am doing an online herbal medicine program, but this information is http://larptrek.com/order-propica down-to-earth, real-life, and makes me excited about the community of herb nerds that I am slowly joining.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for what you’re putting out into the world!

  • Kate Scott says:

    Hi! Im a herbal med student in the http://watersofsuperior.com/generic-viagra-soft-tabs uk…love your site!

  • Alicia Rose says:

    Celia is there a herb for an abscess tooth? Thanks.

  • celia says:

    Hmm…I am sure there are, but it would depend on the signs of how it was presenting. I love myrrh and Oregon grape for gums and teeth, but haven’t used it for an abscess. Good luck!

  • Zara says:

    Dear Celia,

    Firstly, thank you so much for this gorgeous website – Your writing truly expresses your passion for plants and herbal medicine.. it is quite profound. So nice to read!

    I am beginning my final year of Chinese Medicine in Melbourne, Australia. I will be going to China in July of next year and then plan to travel for some time after.

    My travels will basically involve me exploring nature in all its forms, aiming to connect with many streams of plant based medicine.

    I am so excited, and while it is still a while away I am beginning to cialis and women'>cialis and women collect ideas of places I may like to visit and q buy viagra online thought you would be perfect to ask for inspiration…

    Is there was anywhere in the world that you would like explore to deepen your insight into natural medicine? Whether it be a short herbal course somewhere in Europe, to witnessing beautiful species of best way to take viagra'>best way to take viagra plants in some other far off corner of the world..

    With thanks,

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